Florens' Mission Statement: Committed to leading the container leasing industry through continuous investment in our business and by surpassing the expectations of our customers, investors, and employees.

Since 1987, when Florens delivered its first container under a long-term lease, we have steadily increased our commitment to the global shipping industry. Early on, we focused on the supply of dry and refrigerated containers on long-term leases for Asia-based accounts, particularly COSCO. In 1992, we invested in containers as part of third-party management programs. By 1995, our customer base for long-term units had expanded to carriers outside of Asia.

In 1996, our organization expanded globally by opening offices and depots worldwide. At the same time, master and short-term leases were added to the portfolio; open-tops and flat-racks added to the expanding dry-cargo and refrigerated container fleets. Not only are we positioned to serve the leasing sector, but we also offer a full array of used containers for sale around the world.

Florens' on-going commitment to our global customer base is best demonstrated by our investment strategy:

Containers: We are the second-largest company in the container leasing industry with a 19.6% global market share. Our group fleet exceeds 3,500,000 TEU. Recent purchases include dry cargo, tank and a wide range of special containers. We plan to aggressively grow the dry cargo fleet for both long-term and master leases. Currently, our average leased container is 6.9 years old.

Organization: Most of the international shipping lines are within our customer profile, which means we service customers both big and small from across the Americas, Europe and Asia. To better serve the international shipping community, Florens Hong Kong maintains its headquarters and performed corporate functions. Florens also enjoys a marketing presence in ten countries with dedicated offices

in thirteen strategic locations. We plan on expanding our marketing presence throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Each of our marketing directors has more than 10 years of industry experience. This, coupled with our senior management's depth of knowledge, gives us the expertise to proactively adapt our business to industry demands.

Market Services: From its inception, Florens' objective has been to provide quality customer service. With this in mind, millions of dollars were invested in the development of state of the art computer systems. At the end of 1999, the first phase of the operational system was launched. As a result, our equipment tracking and billing systems were greatly enhanced. We will continue to invest in system development to provide expanded and flexible solutions for our customers. Our software platform is pure Internet architecture.

This translates to:
On-the-go access to information
Seamless business processes
Organization-wide analysis for better business decisions
Florens' applications are delivered over a standard Internet browser for comprehensive business management - making Florens the only container leasing company to provide real-time business solutions in a pure-internet environment for customers, suppliers and employees.